Buprenorphine molecule + transdermal matrix technology: 7 days of continuous buprenorphine delivery

Each Butrans patch provides your patients with 7 days of buprenorphine delivery

  • Steady-state plasma buprenorphine concentration levels were achieved by Day 3 during the first application
    • Butrans may be titrated after a minimum of 72 hours, based on the pharmacokinetic profile and time to reach steady-state levels
Mean buprenorphine plasma concentrations following 3 consecutives applicationhCross-section diagram of Butrans patch

After removal of Butrans, mean buprenorphine concentrations decrease approximately 50% within 10 to 24 hours, followed by a decline with an apparent terminal half-life of approximately 26 hours.

Cross-section diagram of Butrans patchCross-section diagram of Butrans patch

Patch diagram for illustrative purposes only. Not depicted in actual colors or scale

  • Buprenorphine is bound in an adhesive matrix and released gradually
  • When the Butrans patch is applied, buprenorphine diffuses into the skin and enters the systemic circulation
  • The amount of buprenorphine released from each system per hour is proportional to the active surface area