Safe Storage & Disposal of Butrans

Store Butrans securely, out of sight and reach of children, and in a location not accessible by others, including visitors to the home.

Follow step 1 OR step 2 below to properly dispose of your Butrans patch.

Use the Patch-Disposal Unit you received with your prescription

  • Peel back the disposal unit liner to show the sticky surface
  • Place the sticky side of the used or unused patch to the indicated area on the disposal unit
  • Close the disposal unit by folding the sticky sides together. Press firmly and smoothly over the entire disposal unit so that the patch is sealed within
  • The closed disposal unit, with the patch sealed inside, may be thrown away in the trash
  • Use one Patch-Disposal Unit for each patch
  • Do not put expired, unwanted or unused patches in household trash without first sealing them in the Patch-Disposal Unit

Fold and flush if drug take-back option is not readily available

  • Fold the sticky sides of the used or unused patch together, then flush it down the toilet right away, if there is not a drug take-back option readily available
  • Do not flush the pouch or the protective liner down the toilet. These can be put in the trash

What if the patch gets wet?

  • Short-term exposure of the Butrans patch to water when bathing or showering is allowed

What if the patch starts to loosen?

  • Apply first aid tape only to the edges of the patch
  • If the patch is still not sticking, cover it carefully and completely with special see-through adhesive dressing (e.g., Bioclusive® or Tegaderm®)
    • Remove the backing from the transparent adhesive dressing and place it carefully and completely over the Butrans patch, smoothing it over the patch and your skin
  • Never cover a Butrans patch with any other bandage or tape. It should only be covered with a special see-through adhesive dressing. Your healthcare professional or pharmacist will advise what kind of dressing should be used

What if the patch falls off?

  • If your patch falls off right after applying, throw it away and put a new one on at a different skin site (see disposal instructions above)
  • If your patch falls off later, but before 7 days of use, throw it away and put a new one on at a different skin site. Let your healthcare professional know that this has happened. Do not replace the new patch until 7 days have passed (or as directed by your healthcare professional)
  • Do not touch the sticky side of the patch with your fingers. Patches that fall off should not be re-applied
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